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      Terrain 10 for Cancer and Chronic Disease

      Cancer and Chronic Disease Therapy Options

      “It is not the bug; it is the Terrain” Louis Pasteur. Over 150 years ago Louis Pasteur recognized that the terrain must be optimal for the bug to grow. Today, we also recognize that certain terrains are likely to accommodate many types of chronic disease and cancer growth and spread.

      For any dis-ease or illness, the terrain is the most important aspect. For people, the Terrain is the state of health, or lack thereof, of your body. In many instances, improving the Terrain enables the body to respond optimally to the “bug”, or the offending condition. In all cases of the disease, we seek to optimize the terrain to allow the body to work its magic. To assist with identifying the aspects of the terrain that need to be supported, we use the Terrain 10 Questionnaire developed by Dr. Nasha Winters. We ask you to take your time and carefully consider each question. The more information you give us, the more accurately we will be able to help you optimize your Terrain.

      Many of the strategies we use to help you on your journey to optimal health are things that you can do at home, on your own. Other strategies happen in the office. If you are ill, our primary goal is to support your immune system to the greatest extent possible. Then, using Terrain 10, we focus on your Terrain’s areas of weakness and build you up. We use only research-based protocols to help you achieve your goals. However, there are many cutting-edge therapies available for cancer treatment support and chronic illness treatment.

      Options may include but are not limited to:

      Diet and lifestyle changes

      Current research shows that people with cancer who eat a low-carb diet, and even better, a keto diet, have better outcomes. This is NOT “internet keto”. It takes some training, but it is well worth it!


      We use many researched nutritional supplements orally and intravenously to assist your Terrain.

      Prescription medications including some off-label uses of medications including methylene blue and low dose naltrexone

      Methylene blue has been shown to kill cancer cells, especially when combined with photodynamic therapy. Low Dose Naltrexone has been shown to improve the functionality of the immune system. People with cancer who use LDN have better outcomes (Bihari, 2004)

      Mistletoe Therapy at Home and in the Office

      Mistletoe Therapy is an integrative Cancer Therapy. It is an FDA-approved substance. Only the European plant is used in cancer treatment. It is only administered subcutaneously or intravenously. It is only available by prescription. It can be used in combination with any treatment but must be used on days opposite of intravenous vitamin C.

      Intravenous Nutrients

      Vitamin C is often associated with nutrient IV therapy for a range of health conditions. It is also used in cancer therapy. We also use other nutrients to help you achieve your optimal Terrain.

      PEMF Therapy

      PEMF therapy helps to improve microcirculation and decrease pain. Studies show that PEMF use before chemotherapy or radiation can help protect healthy cells from radiation, making chemotherapy more effective.

      Hyperthermia with Thermofield

      • Alters the tumor microenvironment making cancer cells more susceptible to complementary therapies
      • Triggers the immune system to fight cancer
      • Direct kill of cancer cells at temperatures above 42.5°C
        • It kills cancer stem-like cells that are highly resistant to standard treatments
        • Anti-angiogenic effect - causes the tumors vasculature to collapse under continuous heat stress
      • Palliates cancer pain
        • Tumor pain
        • Post-surgical pain
        • Radiation Pain
        • Chemotherapy Induced neuropathies
      • Combined with Surgery
        • Post-op
          • Sanitize surgical margins
        • Pre-op
          • Shrink tumors
          • Activate the immune system and fight metastatic disease
      • Combined with Low Dose Chemotherapy
        • Heat treatments after drug therapy
          • Increase drug distribution
          • Increase membrane permeability
          • Increases tumor blood flow at lower temperatures (38°C-43°C)
          • Reverses drug resistance
        • Heat treatments before drug therapy
          • Disrupt the tumor microenvironment
          • Destroy the extracellular matrix
          • Enhance the uptake and biodistribution of the drug
          • Reduced interstitial fluid pressure
          • Increased intratumoral blood flow
          • Permeabilize tumor blood vessels
      • Combined with Radiation
        • Mild heating increases blood flow inside the tumor, making it highly sensitive to radiation therapy
        • Facilitates lower side effect doses of radiation
        • It inhibits the cancer cell’s ability to repair DNA damage caused by radiation
        • Ameliorates radiation toxicity
      • Combined with natural anti-cancer therapies
        • Synergistic or additive effect with many other therapies

      Photodynamic Therapy

      Photodynamic therapy uses a substance that is activated by light, called a photosensitizer or photosensitizing agent, to kill cancer cells. The light can come from a laser or other source, such as LEDs. Photodynamic therapy is also called PDT. At Root Causes, we combine this application with other therapeutic modalities for optimal results. Photodynamic therapy is most often used as a local treatment, which means it treats a specific part of the body.

      Hyperbaric Oxygen

      Hyperbaric Oxygen is oxygen delivered under pressure. Hyperbaric Oxygen (HOBOT) can work in synergy with chemotherapy, radiation, and the ketogenic diet. It may also mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy (such as “chemo brain”), and radiation, and decrease the recovery time after surgical procedures. In addition, HBOT is FDA-approved to treat latent radiation injury. Some physicians and patients are concerned that HBOT may accelerate the growth of cancer. Several recent studies have shown this not to be the case.

      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can treat cancer treatment side effects by reducing the damage to healthy tissue and blood vessels caused by radiation exposure, and chemotherapy drugs, helping to increase strength and fight off the disease.

      If you’re dealing with cancer, we have protocols to improve the efficacy of standard-of-care options, and fully integrative options.

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