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      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Fort Myers FL

      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) utilizes concentrated oxygen to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The concentrated oxygen is absorbed from breathing and goes directly into the blood. The superficial capillary beds get "supersaturated" with oxygen. This higher O2 level increases the circulation of blood and lymph. The oxygen nourishes cells and cleanses them as it circulates. The chamber is inflated to 1.3- 1.4 ATA (atmospheric pressure). The chamber is filled with concentrated oxygen, so no Oxygen tanks are necessary. Treatments are one hour long and are generally relaxing. Most people rest well and then feel energized after a session.

      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, known as HBOT, is an outstanding all-natural therapy with few if any side effects that will help you to look and feel your best! From anti-aging to nerve repair to adjunctive cancer therapeutics, there is nothing as simple as oxygen. Alone and when combined with other therapies, HBOT can be a game-changer in your quest for optimal wellness.


      Aesthetic uses for the hyperbaric center around rejuvenation of skin, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and an increase of collagen that helps provide an overall improvement in skin appearance. HBOT helps repair all connective tissues, giving you not only a more youthful appearance but a more youthful feeling.


      Hyperbaric oxygen is great for anti-aging! It helps to reduce inflammation quickly, safely, and extensively. At Root Causes, we say that inflammation is the root of all aging! Decrease or eliminate joint pain, resolve digestive disorders and other inflammatory disorders, enhance memory, increase stem cell proliferation, increase neuronal energy metabolism, improve cognitive function, increase metabolism, improve immune function, reduce free radicals, detoxify, and relax while you do all that!

      Skin Disorders

      Skin disorders such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea can be successfully addressed with hyperbaric oxygen. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy increases collagen production and the chances of hair follicle growth after re-implantation. HBOT can help with various digestive disorders from nutrient absorption to IBS. Hyperbaric oxygen reduces the gut inflammation that contributes to many skin disorders, as well as enhances detoxification to improve skin health.

      Metabolic Problems

      Weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity result from inflammation of a crippled metabolism. Oxygen increases cellular respiration, also called aerobic reactions. Cells need oxygen to create clean energy. Without adequate oxygen, the cellular reactions ferment, leading to acidic and toxic residues. These toxins then damage and disrupt the intricate metabolism of cells, leading to weight gain and toxicity.

      Nerve Pain

      I find good results in treating nerve problems, especially those related to scar tissue. I have also noted improved nerve function for certain types of neuropathy. The nerves themselves are fibrous. I believe oxygen improves conduction by stimulating the conductive fibers, decreasing inflammation, increasing restorative blood flow, and generally oxygenating for health.

      Immune Support

      Oxygen treatments have been used in Europe for decades to treat immune problems. Because oxygen inhibits bacteria, yeasts, and cells infected with a virus, it helps the immune system destroy and process harmful bugs. I recommend increased oxygen for people with hepatitis, HIV, herpes, shingles, Lyme disease, parasites, candida, etc. Colds and flu can respond to oxygen therapy since the boost in oxygen helps cells scavenge and eliminate the bacterial or viral cells that are causing the symptoms.

      Wound Healing

      At Root Causes Holistic, we have great success with smaller wounds that won’t heal, like diabetic foot wounds. We also have profound success with postsurgical wounds, reducing recovery time by as much as 75%.

      Brain and Nerve Problems

      Conditions like MS, Parkinson's, epilepsy, dementia, and some types of anxiety involve lesions on the brain. Brain cells are especially sensitive to oxygen depletion. Increasing oxygen to the brain is paramount for these conditions to improve.


      Any trauma, whether it is a fall, a car accident, a bruise, surgery, or overuse injuries, causes damage to tissue. When your body's tissues are compromised, they do not perform their functions well and some other part of your body suffers. One of the most basic ingredients needed to repair tissue is oxygen.

      Scar Tissue

      Hyperbaric oxygen even helps heal old traumas that have scarred over and become avascular (no blood supply). The oxygen supercharges the capillaries so that they can penetrate the dense, fibrous scar tissue and create vital, innervated tissue. To heal scars we have to get the body to grow blood vessels into the scar so that skin (or muscle) can be sustained. It has been proven by the medical establishment that oxygen-rich capillaries are better able to penetrate the dense scar. Once the capillaries grow through the scar, skin cells can grow back.


      Extensive research shows that HBOT can benefit those battling cancer. HBOT can be used as an adjunct to standard therapies such as chemo and radiation, or as part of an alternative protocol. It helps spares healthy tissues from the negative effects of chemo and radiation and can reduce tumor growth in some cancers.

      Athletic Performance

      World-class triathletes have used hyperbaric oxygen for many years with excellent results. Clinical trials have shown: decreased recovery time after workouts decreases in resting heart rate, better sleep, less muscle soreness, and increased speed and endurance.

      Heavy Metals detoxification

      HBOT plays a role in improving oxygen levels in the brain which could help regulate and repair tissue damaged from metals. There is likely a protective aspect to increasing oxygen that helps safeguard cells from damage due to exposure.

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