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      12734 Kenwood Lane #56,

      Fort Myers, FL 33907

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      Doreen DeStefano, DNP, NHD, APRN, NDP, NHD, APRN

      Integrative, Investigtive medicine

      Doreen DeStefano is the founder of Root Causes Holistic Health and Medicine.  The concept and the practice is meant to determine the exact cause of dis-ease and resolve it, making you optimally healthy.  Dr. D doesn't take "no" for an answer. She digs deep. She cares. She doesn't give up. Ever.

      Sandra Hoskins, NCFMA

      Clinical Director

      Sandra Hoskins is the youngest of eight girls born and raised in New Jersey. Her father was a decorative member of the New York & New Jersey Police Force, and her mom was a caregiver. Sandra moved to Florida over 25 years ago, married, and has two children.

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