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      Doreen DeStefano, DNP, NHD, APRN

      Doreen DeStefano, DNP, NHD, APRN

      Doreen DeStefano, DNP, NHD, APRN

      Dr. DeStefano came to Fort Myers in the early 1980’s, leaving and coming back again several times until finally settling here in 2001. She has a lifelong background in health and wellness that began in middle school when she started running.

      Dr. DeStefano is also a lifelong student. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and another in exercise physiology. She has a Masters's (ABT) in criminology, a Master’s in public business administration, and a Master’s in nursing. She holds a doctorate in natural health and is a licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She holds numerous licenses and certifications from advanced practice training. She continues to attend educational seminars in integrative and functional medicine twice a year to stay abreast of the most recent, cutting-edge therapies available.

      Her practice is centered on naturopathic principles that include healing the whole person on various levels, and avoiding pharmaceutical intervention unless necessary. She believes your health Is within your control. Her goal is to help you achieve maximum health.

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