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      Vitamin C IV Therapy Fort Myers FL

      High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

      Vitamin C therapy is a special variety of IV therapy. Most people have received some form of IV therapy in their lifetime, typically receiving fluids during a hospital stay. Vitamin C infusions are delivered nearly identically to all other forms of intravenous therapy. Vitamin C therapy may be used by some providers in the treatment of:

      • Acute viral infections
      • Chronic pain
      • Common colds
      • Fatigue
      • Heart disease
      • Joint pain

      Some providers also utilize high-dose vitamin C therapy to help aid the body's natural recovery process. Like all forms of IV therapy, the amount of vitamin C that will be prescribed varies depending on the nature of your ailments. Vitamin C therapy is commonly considered a form of micronutrient infusion.

      How Does Vitamin C Therapy Work?

      As the name implies, vitamin C therapy is delivered intravenously. This means that a small IV drip is inserted into the arm and delivers steady amounts of vitamin C for a short time. Some vitamin C treatment plans consist of multiple sessions.

      Vitamin C therapy is most often performed in a medical office setting and is administered by a medical professional. The amount of time taken during a session will vary depending on the condition being treated and the amount of vitamin C being delivered.

      Vitamin C infusions feature few side effects and are generally a painless procedure. Before beginning any vitamin C therapy, it's important to make note of any medications or supplements you are currently taking.

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      High-dose vitamin C infusions, a form of IV therapy, may provide relief for a variety of health ailments and painful conditions. Request IV therapy information today: call (239) 347-9234 or contact us online today!.

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