What is a Toxin?

A toxin, is any substance that creates irritating and or harmful effects in the body.  Toxins prevent optimal functioning from the cellular level all the way up to the whole body function.  According to a report published by the EPA, over 7 billion pounds of toxic waste, containing 8000 different toxins, have been released into the environment, polluting our food, water and air.

Why Detoxify? 

Bodies that are overloaded with toxins do not function optimally.  Toxins can accumulate in liver, kidneys, large intestine, lungs, skin, lymph, blood, and even individual cells.  Toxins can cause your skin to be dull and lifeless, cause acne, rashes, inflammatory lesions, and other skin problems.  Toxins can cause numerous problems in the body such as: gas, bloating, constipation, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, bad breath, body odor, joint pain, poor memory and concentration.  Research has linked toxin exposure to liver disease, and some types of cancer and obesity.

So What Do We Do?

We detoxify our bodies! Proper detoxification eliminates toxins and provides building blocks for repair. It's not just for your skin.  It is for your whole body!

Integrated Skin Care and Root Causes Holisic Health and Medicine offers numerous ways to detoxify your body for optimal health.

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